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Featuring solid brass hardware, the Atacama dog lead is an alluring but tough accessory for the discerning hound. Made from British materials and handcrafted right here in England, the Atacama dog lead is capable of surviving the most extreme of environments.  Simply handwash in warm water to return it to it’s shiny and new status.

Lead shown: 19mm x 110cm in Granite/PaleGold

Collar size shown: Small – 1.5″ wide

Custom colour combinations available upon request.

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Can they be washed?

Our handcrafted dog leads are machine or hand washable in warm water. For best results use a biological detergent. Avoid using detergents that contain bleach because this will discolour the brass hardware.

Colour palette:

Gold/Gold, Flamingo/Flamingo, Flamingo/Gold, Lagoon/Lagoon, Lagoon/Gold, Granite/Granite, Granite/Gold, Silver/Silver, Silver/Gold, Olive/Olive, Olive/Gold, Cerise/Cerise, Cerise/Gold, Black/Black, Black/Gold, Seville/Seville, Seville/Gold, Chili/Chili, Chili/Gold, Snow/Snow, Snow/Gold and Emerald/Emerald, Emerald/Gold


Our dog leads are 19mm wide, plain-weave and comes in 110cm or 180cm length.


We only use solid brass hardware on our luxury dog leads, so you can be sure they will not rust.

Why choose our dog leads?

Our handcrafted dog leads are made using carefully selected webbing manufactured right here in England. This webbing is strong, durable and fade resistant. By sewing together two layers of this webbing we created the now classic Brindle & Whyte two-tone luxury dog lead. Not only are these extremely durable, they are also machine washable and look incredibly stylish!

How long should my dog lead be?

Choosing the length of your dog leash depends on several things. Most sighthounds and whippets like to walk ahead in front of their owner, so a longer lead is generally needed. Some dogs walk nicely to heal, however, in which case the shorter 110cm lead would be best.

Which collar should I choose to go with my dog lead?

We make several types of collars:

A standard collar is made from a single loop and a martingale collar is made out of two loops to create what is otherwise referred to as a humane choke collar.

Unsure what a martingale collar is?

A martingale collar is a design of collar that helps prevent a dog from slipping, or backing, out of their collar. A martingale collar never chokes. Instead, it contracts snugly to prevent escape when needed. If you are unsure whether our martingale collars are correct for your hound, please read our blog post here which explains in a little more detail what it is and how to use one.

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Granite/Gold, Granite/Granite




110cm, 180cm